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  • TIS is unique in the Portland area for having 3 immersion languages and IBPYP. In fact, it is one of a handful of immersion private schools in the US to offer PYP. The teachers in the languages are all native speakers, so our child has been exposed to several different cultures and dialects and her Spanish is so authentic that native speakers are surprised to learn she lives with two non-speakers. The academics are excellent, with teachers emphasizing STEM through projects and interactive education. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion is important, although limited by Portland demographics, and the Learner Profiles and teachers emphasize cultural diversity through the units of inquiry, field trips, guest speakers and homework assignments. As an institution TIS impresses me most with it commitment to visibility and communication. When a new situation or problem arises, the administration does not ignore it or pretend to have all the answers; they acknowledge the issue, gather information and seek the opinion of parents, and formulate a response that accommodates the faculty, parents, community and serves TIS' values.
    By Rebecca Legg, March 27, 2018
  • I had an excellent experience with Venture Dynamics. I found Shea to be very supportive and understanding throughout my two year tenure at a lovely property. My tenancy was a peaceful experience due in large part to the high quality of care and maintenance the property received. Because the house was older, there were a few times when appliances required replacement. Shea responded immediately and followed up after each situation to be sure I was satisfied and that everything was in good working order. I am delighted to recommend Venture Dynamics as an excellent property manangement company.
    By Margarett Kahl, March 26, 2018
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    This is one of the nicer centers I found close-in to downtown and convenient to our home in Southeast Portland. The facility is clean and bright, the children are happy to be there, and the quality of care is good overall. The center's administrators are friendly but very scattered, which is disconcerting to an organizer like me. As another reviewer mentioned, it may take multiple follow-ups to get your call answered. Make requests and get confirmations of changes in writing or they may not remember the multiple conversations you had on a certain topic. I really like the teachers my son has at this center, and the location is very convenient, so we will continue to use them with the understanding that I need to be very proactive in managing expectations with their staff.
    By A Google User, March 25, 2018
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    Easily the worst, and most inept bank I have ever been to in my life. They seem to only care about saying the right script to a customer. The accuracy, speed, or courtesy is entirely missing from each and every transaction. I have yet to have a pleasant experience here. It seems like the only thing they can do correctly is make every transaction a struggle. Saddest of all, they seem to routinely have no cash on hand... isn't that one very particular thing a bank is supposed to have? The US Bank down the road is easily 10x better, never had a poor experience there. I really wish my company didn't change banks.
    By C. Coolidge, March 23, 2018

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